Why Do I Need to Floss?

by on May 7, 2016
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Let’s face it, most kids, tweens, teens, and adults dislike flossing their teeth. Every time you visit your Brampton dental clinic, the hygienist or dentist asks you if you have been flossing regularly. While some people say they are, keep in mind both your hygienist and dentist can tell. It is better to tell the truth and not try to hide the fact you have not flossed since the last time it was done for you at your last dental visit.

If you are like most people, after being reminded to floss by your hygienist or dentist, you say you will, but the moment you walk out of the dental office, you fall right back into your old habits. Part of the problem people have with flossing is they do not experience or notice any instant benefits. They cannot see that flossing is doing anything, so they thing, “Why bother?”

However, what many people do not realize is they cannot see the results of flossing, other than the removal of larger food particles. Flossing removes the clear sticky substance called plaque, as well as bacteria from in between the teeth. Both of these things are not noticeable so it will appear like there is nothing on the dental floss. Plus, a bonus side effect of flossing is longer lasting, fresher breath.

When people put off flossing, the bacteria in the plaque, releases acid which can eat through the tooth enamel and lead to cavities. The acid also irritates the gums. Further, the plaque eventually starts to harden and turn into tartar, which can only be removed with professional teeth cleaning at your dental clinic. Tartar will irritate the gums and can cause them to become sore, swollen, and even bleed. In addition, gum irritation can lead to the development of gum disease and periodontal disease.

Besides removing bacteria and plaque from the teeth, flossing provides other long-term benefits. Flossing helps prevent gum recession and prevents a loss of jaw bone density, both common issues with gum disease and periodontal disease. As a result, your smile remains youthful as you get older and you help prevent facial feature sagging and sinking, since your gums and jaw bone remain healthy.

Another long-term benefit of flossing is it reduces the occurrence of cavities. This translates to fewer dental treatments, fewer dental restorations, less time away from work, and less out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your dental insurance. Lastly, flossing helps reduce the risks for certain types of illnesses and heart disease.

As you can see, flossing does pay off as long as you stick with it and remember to floss on a daily basis. If your require help selecting the right floss that is easy for you to use, contact Kennedy Square Dental directly at 905-789-7339. Our office is open seven days a week, with evening appointments available Monday through Friday.