Which Is the Best Toothbrush: Electric Toothbrushes or Disposable Toothbrushes?

by on August 25, 2020
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dental clinic in bramptonWhen it comes to choosing the best toothbrush for your teeth you have two general options: Electric toothbrushes or disposable toothbrushes. Yet, which is better? You want a toothbrush that can help you easily maintain proper oral hygiene to prevent cavities, gum diseases, and promote better overall health and well-being.

From the time we are toddlers, we are taught to brush our teeth to help prevent cavities. In the past, our options were limited to disposable toothbrushes with soft, medium, or hard nylon bristles. But today, we have even more options including state-of-the-art electric toothbrushes to choose from.

Whether you are team-electric or team-disposable, there are some general things you need to consider when selecting a toothbrush:

  • Size Matters – You want a toothbrush that is easy to hold and use while allowing you to access all of your teeth including front and back.
  • Bristles Matter – You still can find all three options for nylon bristles on the market today. Most people only need soft or medium. Hard bristles can damage the gums and teeth if you apply too much pressure when you brush your teeth.

  • Get Feedback from Your Dental Professional – Talk to your dental hygienist and dentist for help choosing the best toothbrush. They can tell how you brush your teeth based on your regular checkups and are happy to provide their recommendations.

To help you decide which toothbrush is best for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to rush through brushing your teeth as quickly as possible? If you do, then getting an electric toothbrush with a built-in 2-minute timer would be a great idea. Brushing should take 2-minutes to complete. Anything less and you are not doing an optimal brushing job.
  • Do you find it hard to hold and move the toothbrush? If you have arthritis or another medical condition where it is hard to grip, hold, and move the toothbrush, then an electric brush would be better.
  • Do you have gum disease? If you have gum disease, an electric toothbrush can be better at removing plaque and relieving gum irritation.
  • Do you apply too much pressure when you brush? If you “scrub” your teeth, then you want an electric toothbrush with a pressure-sensitive light that tells you when you are applying too much pressure.
  • Can you brush in small circular motions yourself? If you have mastered this toothbrushing technique, then a manual toothbrush is a good choice. If not, or if you want to brush in back-and-forth motions, then consider an oscillating electric toothbrush instead.
  • Which type of toothbrush do you like better? Some people simply prefer one type of toothbrush over another. When you choose a toothbrush you like, or one that excites you, like a brand-new electric model, you are more likely to brush twice a day for 2 minutes as recommended.

We hope these tips will help you find the best toothbrush to fit your brushing needs. If you have further questions, need advice, or haven’t seen a dentist in more than 6 months, please feel free to schedule a dental checkup at Kennedy Square Dental by calling (905) 789-7339 today!