What Is a Dental Bridge & Why Would I Need One?

by on December 26, 2020
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Dental Bridge in BramptonA dental bridge is a cosmetic dental appliance that is used when you are missing teeth. It is a restorative process that uses a “bridge” to fill the gap in between teeth where the tooth or teeth are missing. A dental bridge helps fill in the gaps with artificial teeth that restore your appearance and function of the teeth.

Most people get a dental bridge when they have lost one or two teeth in the same area. They do not like having a gap in the location because it might affect their smiles or ability to eat various foods.

The first step to determine whether you need a dental bridge is to schedule a consultation with a Brampton dentist. Your dentist will examine the area to determine if a dental bridge is the most appropriate solution.

In some cases, other restorative dental processes may be more appropriate, such as crowns or dentures. Crowns are best suited for situations where a tooth has cracked or broken off and the base and root are still healthy.

Dentures are more appropriate when you are missing multiple teeth and there are not any healthy teeth to secure the bridge to so that it remains in place. Your dentist will discuss your various options, and which one is the most appropriate for you.

How Are Dental Bridges Installed?

If a dental bridge is an appropriate solution, the next step is to prepare the teeth on the sides of the gap for the dental bridge. These anchor teeth are referred to as abutment teeth. They will need to be shaped to prepare them for fitting with the dental bridge.

Once shaped, impressions of the abutment teeth are taken to help create the right size bridge. The bridge is carefully matched to the existing color of your other teeth. If your teeth are stained or yellow, you may want to get teeth whitening before getting your bridge to have whiter teeth and a whiter bridge.

A temporary bridge may be installed while you wait for your permanent bridge to be made. The temporary bridge helps protect the shaped teeth, as well as helps you readjust to having teeth where they were missing.

Once the permanent bridge is made, your dental office will notify you and schedule an appointment to have it cemented.  Before the permanent bridge is installed, it is recommended to have your teeth cleaned. This helps ensure that plaque and bacteria are removed from the abutment teeth and do not get trapped under the new dental bridge.

There are different methods for securing the bridge in place. The most common method is to cement the dental bridge to the abutment teeth using a special dental adhesive. This method provides a seamless appearance that makes the dental bridge appear more natural.

A follow-up visit is scheduled if needed. Your dentist will also review how to properly care for your new dental bridge.

For further information about dental bridges, or to find out if one is right for you, please feel free to contact Kennedy Square Dental at 905-789-7339 to schedule a consultation today!

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