Veneers Can Give You the Smile You Deserve

by on October 21, 2017
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Veneers Can Give You the Smile You DeserveAt Kennedy Square Dental, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to help you achieve the stunning smile you deserve. One option some of our patients use to get beautiful, white vibrant looking teeth are veneers.

Veneers are thin covers made from high quality materials and secured over the front of the existing teeth. Each cover is custom made to provide a natural looking tooth that mimics the effects of the enameled tooth surface. Each cover is bonded to the tooth and can alter its colour, shape, length, and size.

Veneers are made using resin composite or porcelain materials. Depending on the material selected, the veneers can last between four and twelve years before they need replaced. The thing to keep in mind is resin composite veneers are not as resistant to staining as porcelain. In addition, if you want the veneer to replicate the natural reflective properties of your existing tooth enamel, then porcelain is the better material.

To help you decide which material would be best, it is best to talk to your dentist. Your dentist can answer any questions you have about veneers, as well as help you decide if this cosmetic treatment is right for you.

Oftentimes, other less invasive treatments may deliver the results you seek. Depending on your needs, overall oral health, and personal preferences, bleaching, bonding, micro abrasion, crowns or other orthodontic care may be suggested as alternatives to veneers.

How Are Veneers Installed?

Each custom made cover must be secured to each individual tooth. The procedures itself is not very complex, but is permanent once completed. Your dentist will need to remove a small portion of the existing enamel from the teeth. Once removed, a bonding material is applied to secure the veneer firmly in place.

After the bonding material cures, the veneers are sturdy and durable. Keep in mind, after getting veneers installed, you often have to follow a restricted diet and avoid certain types of foods, like things that are hard or crunchy or carbonated beverages. But once the bonding material cures and hardens, then you should be able to anything you want.

What Care Do Veneers Require?

Getting veneers installed does not mean you can skip brushing and flossing your teeth. Nor can you skip regular checkups with your dentist. You will still need to brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day to remove plaque from the veneers, as well as in between and behind your teeth.

Your veneers also need to be professionally cleaned to remove tartar and plaque from the areas of teeth you cannot easily reach. Normally, this requires seeing your dentist every six months. However, treatment and preventative care are based on your own specific needs.

To learn more about veneers and to find out whether they are right choice to give you the smile you deserve, please feel free to contact Kennedy Square Dental at (905) 789-7339 today!

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