Tweens and Teens: Overcoming Fears Associated with Braces

by on April 28, 2017
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Tweens and Teens: Overcoming Fears Associated with BracesFor tweens and teens one of the biggest fears they have about their appearance is when they are told the need to get braces. Many kids might already have some friends who have braces and have heard first-hand various “stories” about how painful the process is and the discomfort braces cause in the mouth.

What you and your tween or teen might not be aware of is dental technologies have advanced since the days of metal braces and there are other variable solutions to fixing orthodontic problems, like getting Invisalign.

Before deciding which option is best for your tween or teen, the first thing to do is schedule a consultation with their family dentist to discuss what fears they have about getting braces. One frequent fear tweens and teens experience is not understanding the process and preparations needed to correctly prepare their teeth either for braces or Invisalign.

Having their dentist present ensures all of their questions are answered and they fully understand the processes and procedures used with both traditional Invisalign and braces. Parents are also encouraged to ask questions during this consultation visit so they too, fully understand the procedures and processes.

Another common concern tweens and teens have is how the braces are going to affect their appearance. They are often very sensitive to any type of cosmetic change that will make them feel and look different from other kids their own age, including their friends. It is beneficial to remind your tween or teen that there are numerous other kids their own age, who are going through the same thing, as this often helps put their mind at ease.

Another fear some tweens and teens have is a fear of the expected pain from having braces installed over their teeth. Their friends may have already told them the pain they experience whenever they have to get their braces cleaned, tightened or how it makes eating certain foods unpleasant.

Truthfully, there is almost no pain, as braces and Invisalign both gently shift and realign the teeth over time – this is why it takes a few years! Another way to address this concern is to let them know they can talk to their dentist about getting a numbing agent they can apply at home for any gum discomfort.

Since the process can take several years, some tweens and teens will object to the process because it takes “forever” from their perspective. The best way to overcome this objection is to point out a few years is not really that long, compared to the 60+ years they will get to enjoy having beautiful looking, straightened teeth and a stunning smile and appearance.

In cases where your tween or teen still has feelings of reluctance or is fearful they won’t get to eat their favourite foods, you will want to get them Invisalign because it overcomes many of their fears and concerns. Plus, in many cases, your tween’s or teen’s friends will not even notice they are getting their teeth straightened.

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