Tips for Protecting Your Smile this Holiday Season

by on November 18, 2018
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Veneers Can Give You the Smile You DeserveWith the holiday season upon us, it is not uncommon to indulge in your favourite holiday sweets and treats.It is easy to overdo it and neglect your teeth. Still, you do not have to skip all your holiday favorites and can enjoy them using these great tips for protecting your smile and your teeth.

• Don’t use your teeth as a nutcracker. Invest in a nut cracker to break open shelled nuts – not your teeth. All it takes is using your teeth once that can turn into a painful broken, chipped, or cracked tooth that can ruin your holidays.

• Avoid snacking on candies, sweets, and treats. It is better to enjoy a few candies, sweets or treats at the same time. Then, immediately afterwards brush your teeth to remove excess sugar. Otherwise, with constant snacking, you increase the risks of tooth decay and getting a cavity.

• Stick to your dental routine. It is easy to get caught up in the celebrations and festivities, so you might be tempted to skip a brushing or flossing. Make it a point to always brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day eve during the holiday season.

• Always bring along a travel dental kit. When attending parties and celebrations away from home, it is a good idea to bring along a travel dental kit. Your dental kit should include a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash. This way, you can brush your teeth or freshen you breath whenever you need to.

• Limit the amount of acidic holiday drinks you enjoy. Certain adult beverages – like some wines, champagnes, and nogs – have a high acid content that can damage the enamel on your teeth. Make sure to brush your teeth afterwards to remove the acid. If you cannot brush your teeth afterwards, nibble on some cheese. Cheese neutralizes the acid left in your mouth from the beverages.

• Drink plenty of water. Water helps flush away bacteria and other particles left on the teeth after eating and drinking. Water can also help freshen up your breath and aids in digestive processes. As an added bonus, water helps fill you up so you won’t have to worry about going on a diet after the holiday season.

• Don’t chew on hard sweets and treats. One of the biggest dental emergencies people have over the holidays is cracking a tooth on something hard, like your grandmother’s homemade peppermint candies or peanut brittle. It is better to suck on these treats.

• Know who to call if you have a dental emergency. Ask your dentist their holiday hours and who to call if you have a dental emergency when their office is closed. This way if you have a dental emergency you can get it treated right away and not have to put it off, which could cause further damages.

Everyone at Kennedy Square Dental wishes you a happy and joyous holiday season without any dental emergencies! Now is a great time to contact us and book your post-holiday cleaning and checkup by calling (905) 789-7339 today!