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SmokingClicking or popping jawDentureFood collection b/t teethGrinding teeth
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Orthodontic treatmentPain around earPeriodontal treatmentSensitivity to cold / heat / sweets


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Cancer or tumorHeart diseaseArtificial joint or valveHigh or low blood pressurePacemakerTuberculosis or other lung problemsKidney diseaseHepatitis or other liver diseaseAlcoholismBlood transfusionDiabetesNeurologic conditionEpilepsy, seizures, or fainting spellsEmotional conditionArthritisHerpes or cold soresAIDS or HIV positiveMigraine headaches or frequent headachesAnemia or blood disordersAbnormal bleeding after extractions, surgery, or traumaHayfever or sinus troubleAllergies or hivesAsthma

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Latex materialsPenicillin or other antibioticsLocal anesthetics ("Novocain")Codeine or other narcoticsBarbiturates, sedatives, or sleeping pillsAspirin

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AspirinAnticoagulants (blood thinners)Antibiotics or sulfa drugsHigh blood pressure medicineAntidepressants or tranquilizersInsulin, Orinase, or other diabetes drugNitroglycerinCortisone or other steroidsOsteoporosis (bone density) medicine


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