Is Invisalign a Good Choice for Teens?

by on September 20, 2017
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Is Invisalign a Good Choice for Teens?If your teen needs to have their teeth straightened with orthodontic care, they have a few different options. One popular option teens choose is Invisalign. The reason they like this method is because it does not require actual hardware to be installed over their existing teeth.

Instead, they wear clear aligners over the teeth that slowly and gradually shift them into the desired locations. Invisalign is a good choice in cases where your teen is concerned about their appearance and does not want others to know they need braces. The clear aligners are difficult to notice, so most other teens will not even notice they are wearing them.

However, Invisalign is not always the best choice for every teen. This has to do with how responsible the teenager will be in wearing their aligners. With Invisalign, the aligners must be worn all of the time, with a few exceptions.

The only time they are removed is during meals, snacks, and when beverages are drank. Yet, before they can be put back in, the teeth have to be brushed, and sometimes also flossed. This change in oral care habits can be challenging for some teens. They might skip brushing their teeth, which is not good.

If they do, not only do they leave food and beverage particles on and in between their teeth that can cause tooth decay, but also could cause the aligners to start to smell. This is because the saliva in the mouth had already started breaking down the food, even the particles left on and in between the teeth.

Then, they cover their teeth up. So now as the food breaks down, it emits a smell, which can be absorbed by the aligners. Additionally, tooth decay-causing bacteria forms and can lead to cavities.

Another situation where Invisalign may not be a good choice for teens is if they have problems remembering to wear their aligners. In order for their treatment to be effective the aligners have to be worn all the time.

Keep in mind, if they leave them out for a few hours every now and then, it will not dramatically impact their treatment. But, if they take them out while they sleep or during the day while they are in school, then the treatment is not as effective and could require using them much longer.

If your teen is requesting Invisalign instead of braces, it is beneficial for them to understand what is truly required for effective treatment. Your family dentist is a good resource to utilize by scheduling a consultation appointment.

After discussing what is required for treatment and answering any questions your teen has, then together you can decide what type of orthodontic treatment would be most appropriate. To learn more about Invisalign for your teen or to schedule a consultation appointment, please feel free to contact Kennedy Square Dental at (905) 789-7339 today!

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