Get a Bright, White and Beautiful Smile in Time for Holiday Pictures

by on October 6, 2018
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Veneers Can Give You the Smile You DeserveDo you hide your smile during holiday family photos? Do you always insist on being the one behind the camera because you don’t like your smile? Do you look for excuses to get out of having your picture taken?
If these questions sound familiar and with the holiday season right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how great your smile could be this year by getting various cosmetic services from your dentist. Cosmetic services can help give you that beautiful and charming smile you have always desired.

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are discoloured and look off-white or yellow, there are certain deposits on the teeth that cannot be removed with regular dental cleanings. To remove the discolouration, as well as certain stains from the tooth, whitening procedures can be beneficial. The level of whitening you can achieve can be noticeably different in just a few short weeks.


Another great cosmetic treatment you can consider are having veneers installed over your teeth. Veneers are colour-matched to the level of whiteness you desire. They are custom-made coverings which are secured to the front side of the tooth.

Veneers are great for covering up imperfections like chipping, misshaped teeth, gaps, and staining that teeth whitening cannot get out. Veneers are very durable and can last between four and twelve years if you make sure to care for them following your dentist’s and hygienist’s recommendations.

Bridges, Crowns and Dentures

If you have damaged or missing teeth, bridges, crowns and dentures provide various artificial tooth replacement options. Bridges are great if you are only missing one or two adjacent teeth. Crowns are good to use if you have a tooth that is cracked or part of it has broken off. Dentures are ideal in cases where you are missing a much larger number of teeth and a bridge cannot be used.

Things to Do Prior to Receiving Cosmetic Dental Care

In order to achieve your perfect smile, there are a few things you will want to do ahead of time as follows:

  • Visit your dentist and have your teeth cleaned.
  • Have any cavities filled.
  • Replace older cavities that are loose with amalgam-free tooth-coloured fillings.
  • Stop smoking and/or using tobacco products.
  • Cut down on coffee, tea, and other sugary soft drinks.
  • Try to limit the number of tomato-based and acid-based foods you eat.

By doing these things, your teeth will be in great shape and ready for whatever cosmetic dental treatments you need. Not to mention, once your cosmetic treatments are done, their results will last much longer.

Instead of trying to avoid pictures this holiday season, you will want to be in every single one! To learn more about cosmetic dental services to help give you a beautiful smile for the holidays and year round, please feel free to contact Kennedy Square Dental at 905-789-7339 today! We even offer night and weekend appointments to fit around you busy schedule!