Is It Ever Too Late to Straighten Your Teeth?

by on September 24, 2020
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Did your parents take you to an orthodontist when you were a teen because you had a few crooked teeth? After the initial consultation, did your Brampton dentist decide that getting you braces wasn’t worth it to straighten just a few teeth? Fast-forward to today, and now you are an adult, and those few crooked teeth are bothering you.

You can’t hop in a time machine and go back to when you were a teen to beg and plead with your parents to let you get braces. Yet, it is never too late to have your teeth straightened.

But I Don’t Want to Be an Adult with Braces. Are There Still Options?

Understandably, adults don’t want to be flashing metal braces every time they talk, eat, or smile. It can be somewhat embarrassing being the only adult at your workplace with braces. You might even get picked on by your friends or family.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about braces. Thankfully, there have been advances in teeth straightening processes over the past several decades. One such solution is Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear aligners that slip over your teeth to straighten them.

Since they are clear, people will not even notice you are wearing them. You can secretly straighten your teeth and then wait and see if anyone notices!


How Long Will It Take to Straighten My Teeth?

It depends on how crooked they are and what results you are seeking. If you have a few teeth that have overlapped with gaps next to them, they will take less time to straighten. On the other hand, if you have multiple teeth that are crooked and there is not much space in between, it can take longer as all the teeth will need to be realigned into new positions to straighten the teeth.

Your dentist will review your treatment plan and options with you after your initial Invisalign consultation. For most people, it takes, on average, about a year, but no more than two to achieve the straight teeth they have always dreamed about.

Is My Treatment Done Once My Teeth Are Straightened?

One common mistake you don’t want to make is to assume once your teeth are straightened there is no ongoing care. You will need to wear aligners at night when you sleep to help prevent your teeth from shifting and becoming crooked once again.

You will also want to keep up with your regular dental checkups. Regular checkups will help keep your teeth healthy and strong. Plus, your dentist can monitor your teeth to ensure they are remaining in place.

Is Using Invisalign Uncomfortable Like Braces?

It does take a little time getting used to wearing the clear aligners. You might experience some minor discomfort initially. Beyond that, most people do not experience any discomfort after they are used to wearing their aligners.

To learn more about Invisalign and getting the straight teeth you have always wanted, please feel free to contact Kennedy Square Dental at 905-789-7339 today!

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