Two Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for Damaged and Missing Teeth: Bridges and Crowns

by on September 2, 2018

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Bridges and crowns are two types of artificial tooth replacement prosthetic options for addressing concerns regarding damaged and missing teeth. Crowns are frequently used in patients to cover up the damage of an underlying tooth, such as:

  1. There is not enough tooth remaining after removing tooth decay.
  2. The size of the filling would not remain in place within the tooth.
  3. The tooth has developed fractures and is too weak for a filling.
  4. The tooth has cracked and broken, but the base and root are still healthy.
  5. The tooth is badly discoloured or mis-shapened and veneers will not easily hide the imperfection.
  6. The tooth and tooth root were badly infected and required a root canal.

Bridges are used in situations where there is no remaining tooth structure to work with whatsoever. Bridges can be used to replace a single tooth or two or three adjoining teeth. Special bridges can also be made when someone is missing a tooth on each side of a healthy single tooth to fill in the gaps.

The gaps left by any missing teeth will eventually and gradually cause the remaining teeth to start to shift. In cases where the missing teeth are on the bottom jaw, the upper teeth above those gaps can actually start to fall out. In addition, one could develop a bad bite and TMJ disorders.

Bridges can either be permanently installed or be removable. Ideally, it is better to have a permanently installed bridge put in since it will last longer and cause less damage to the surrounding teeth. With removable bridges, they have to be anchored to abutment teeth to hold and support your bridge in place. This can cause added strain and wear on the abutment teeth where they too, will eventually need replaced.

Aside from helping address problems with damaged and missing teeth, both bridges and crowns can be colour matched to the natural colour of your healthy teeth. The end result is a great looking smile you will want to show off.

Caring for Bridges and Crowns

Most bridges and crowns will last a very long time with proper dental care. You should brush it twice a day just like your other healthy teeth and floss around it at least once a day. If the bridge is removable, make sure to take it out prior to brush and flossing your actual teeth and clean the bridge separately.

To prevent causing damage to your bridge or crown, you should avoid using it to bite and chew on hard foods, like nuts, or hard objects, like a pen. You should also not use it to crunch on ice.

To learn more about bridges and crowns and which one would be best to address your cosmetic dentistry concerns, please feel free to contact Kennedy Square Dental at 905-789-7339 to schedule an appointment today! We are open 7 days a week with evening and weekend appointments available!

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